about us

"Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it."
-Benjamin Franklin

We are

The very reason Centeras Private Wealth exists is to help successful people enjoy the benefits of their wealth. We’re passionate about showing our clients how to improve their financial situation with efficient and holistic planning.

We are

We are an independent wealth advisory firm, dedicated to helping individuals and their families, small business owners, retirees, and those folks looking ahead – we help all of them organize their financial life and be more confident in the decisions they face.

in 2020

14 years
of experience

Centeras Private Wealth was founded in 2020 by Travis Grieb, who had worked at a major financial institution for the prior 14 years. Although he was recognized there eight different years for his performance, he decided to launch his own independent firm to marshal more resources, offer more options, and create more opportunities for his clients to enjoy more of the prosperity of their lives.

Centeras Private Wealth is a partner firm of Sanctuary Wealth, the advanced platform for the next generation of elite independent advisors. Sanctuary’s ecosystem of partnered independence provides a complete technology and operations platform, as well as support from a community of like-minded advisors and the resources of invaluable affiliated businesses.

Centeras provides…

Centeras is prepared to listen to your story, help you identify your true financial goals, and give you the confidence to take the necessary steps forward through:


We provide insight and clarity to help you see through the uncertainty of financial markets.


We work with you to simplify the complexity of the financial affairs that surround your family and maybe your business.


We prepare you for life events that will have an impact on your financial well-being.

Our approach

Our approach to financial planning is to examine your financial circumstances holistically.

We consider all the puzzle pieces, looking for the big picture.

Then we work with you to methodically place them together, developing a smart plan to help resolve any issues, pursue your stated goals, and build a legacy that will reflect exactly how you wish to enjoy your wealth.

In founding our independent firm, we created the name Centeras to convey our core commitment to place our clients’ best interests at the very center of everything we do. Our client-centric approach ensures that we will consistently deliver focused advice and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the launch of Centeras Private Wealth affect me directly?

The quality of the service you’ve come to expect from us will not change. We are committed to only improve and elevate the experience for you. The financial and investment solutions we can offer you, however, will be greatly enhanced, as we can now offer and execute a wider range of investments and investment strategies.

How will I benefit?

Because our firm is very team-oriented, you’ll benefit from the collaborative approach we take in serving you with our specific skills and expertise. As the team anticipates your changing needs and circumstances, we’ll be able to offer you an enhanced array of investment solutions – which means we can truly place our clients’ best interests first, in fulfillment of our fiduciary duty.

What does fiduciary duty mean?

Our fiduciary duty is a legal obligation of the highest degree for Centeras to act in the best interest of our clients. As a fiduciary, each advisor at our firm holds a legal and ethical relationship of trust with each of our clients. As fiduciaries, we are responsible to prudently take care of our clients’ money or other assets.

What will change?

Your day-to-day experience with us will not change. However, a key decision underlying our move to independence is our selection Fidelity Institutional℠ as the custodian of our clients’ assets. This decision was carefully considered and researched.

How do I know my assets will be safe with Fidelity?

Fidelity Institutional℠ provides a comprehensive clearing and custody platform, brokerage services, trading capabilities, and practice management and consulting to registered investment advisers (RIAs), including strategic acquirers and professional asset managers, as well as retirement recordkeepers, broker-dealer firms, banks, and insurance companies through National Financial Services LLC (NFS) or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Members NYSE, SIPC. In addition to providing services to third-party institutions, the NFS brokerage platform supports all the clearing and custody businesses at Fidelity, including Fidelity’s retail and capital markets businesses, bringing NFS assets under administration to more than $4 trillion.

Will the way you manage money change in any way?

What won’t change are the core strategies we use to manage your assets – customized to your needs. What will improve, however, are certain capabilities, including enhanced interactive financial planning, as well as a greater availability of investment options and investment strategies, created by a broadening of our open architecture.

Why wasn’t I told sooner about your decision to launch a new firm?

While it has been our promise to launch Centeras in a professional and respectful way, it was simply not practical nor permissible to share our plans in advance. Transparency is fundamental to the culture of our firm, and we’d be happy to answer any questions at your convenience.

What happens now?

We would be honored to continue to work with you. We are sending you / have enclosed the paperwork required for us to transfer your accounts to the management of Centeras Private Wealth. If you have any questions about completing the documentation, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience at 603-610-2000. Once we receive your signed paperwork, your assets will be moved electronically to our new custodian, Fidelity Institutional℠, by means of an ACATS transfer (“Automated Customer Account Transfer Service”). We will call you shortly to answer your questions and to ensure a perfectly smooth transition of your accounts and assets.